Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Today's story is about something that may be taboo. At least I have the impression to.The only time I tried to talk about it was when a friend of mine shushed me immediately. But I think this is because there were boys present, whom we barely knew, and she didn't want to feel embarrassed.  I don't know exactely.

Hair is an attribute of beauty. Otherwise we would all be bald and happy.  One less problem.

Here we go. I do not like very, very long hair. You know the kind that points to your buttcrack. Because I always have the impression that when you sit on the toilette with that hair loose you're gonna end up use it as a toilette paper. Is inevitable. You sit and the hair goes with you inside the toilette bowl. That's it. Keep the hair to a normal lenght, like half of your back lenght and we're good. Issue solved.

One issue solved another one still pending, at least in my mind. And actually this is the main subject of this article.

Half back lenght hair is still long hair. 

Because you are in the shower now, washing your hair (not from using it as a toilette paper), water falling on your body like a cascade. Sounds good, right? This could be a scene from any movie. Girl in the shower, woman and man in the shower, girls in the shower. I am sure you all imagine a romantic, maybe even a sexy domestic scene. But the problem is that nobody is telling you what happens exactely after you finished washing and rainsing your hair. Well, luckily you have me and we gonna talk about it. :)

You know that is normal to lose hairs on a daily basis. Specilaists say that you lose around 100 hairs per day. When you brush it, during your sleep, during winter, during summer and yes, during you wash it in the shower. Is going down on your shoulders, is going down on your back, in goes lower and lower, some of it goes in the drain and some of it slips, yes, you already know it...slips between your buttcheeks. And it stays there. It does not move. You have to stick your hand and grab it. And sometimes even if you grab it while wet you still gonna find one ramaining in there. Is going to take you by surprise later when is going to itch you. Try to grab it, pull it out from your butt crack and then come back to me and describe the sensation. :)

This is not something they will put in a movie. Can you imagine a scene like this going? A shower footage with her in the end sticking the hand between her buttcheeks and grabbing a ball of hairs that a couple of minutes ago were on her had. EPIC!!!!


  1. You are not a normal person :)) the hair you find in your ass after the shower it maybe not from your head. Please speak about the precious assume hair :))

  2. :)))))))) Thank you Rodica. Delightful as always.